Our growing Kommuna: Vera, XDB, Andrew James Gustav, Eli Verveine, Domenico Rosa, Riccardo, Nicola Kazimir, Laurine, Kashawar, A2, Future Beat Alliance, S-MAX, Z@P, And.rea, Martyné, Avos, Davy, Sebastian Rudolph…

Curated by: CMYK, Rubi, pekkuliar, Alex Mac-Lean

Kommuna is an artist collective based in Barcelona composed of four passionate record collectors, striving to propose something different than the usual party landscape offered in our lovely city.

Established in May 2015, our events have ranged from raves and after parties in secret spaces (terrace, warehouse, basement…), through vinyl markets and charity events, to club nights with international bookings.

Event by event, we build our own Kommuna of like-minded people. A friendly and respectful atmosphere, a quest for musical excellence and an immersive visual experience are our main priorities. Among others, these are reflected in our artistic direction, privileging talent over fame, and the work of our fifth element – our graphic designer LUK3.ORG.

Spread love, peace and happiness!

Kommuna Crew